My Story

Education is something I never thought I would do, from an early age I just wanted to travel, but never knew that teaching would become a passion to the point that i would want to stay in one place, just to solely teach.

As a child I understood the importance of an education but also the constant need to learn, teachers would constantly inspire me to learn new things and then expand my horizons and challenge the norm. I want to pass this onto the next generation in order for them to be able to think and be challenged, but to show my students that knowledge provides the ticket for places you would never dream of and that with knowledge you can do anything. Then, you show a person that can what you learn in the classroom can help them achieve their dreams and the constant encouragement that they receive with the safe environment that my classroom can provide for students to be themselves is inspiring in itself.

Teaching is not just impacting, it is life changing to not only the student, but their families as well.